The no-code platform for global companies

Houston gives local teams the power to digitize any process, while allowing central teams to consolidate data and harmonize processes.

Test Houston on one of your manual processes Today! 


Escape from manual processes overload

Spreadheets and emails are your day-to-day tools… but they lead to fragmented information, scattered action plans, and highly inefficient processes

So how do you get out of the treadmill? 

Create and connect any object

You need to capture something but have no system that covers this process? Create a form in minutes in Houston and start gathering data, alone or with any part of your organization. 

Connect any Houston object together and link them with other systems (ERP, CMMS, MES,…) to remove silos 

Capture and Share

Start capturing objects for yourself, or share your objects with others to start feeding a common base. 

Manage & leverage

One source of truth: Houston objects can be accessed from anywhere, synced with other systems, shared with anyone and filtered on any criteria. 

Connect different types of objects to create seamless processes and remove silos. 

Define business alerts based on multiple criteria & objects, and let Houston do the heavy lifting



Any user can create objects in no time and share with his team

Shopfloor ready

Make use of QR codes, RFID tags,...


Native integrations with industry-leading systems

Linked with your organization

Each object is linked to an organizational unit


Capture and manage Houston objects from any device

Enterprise grade

Your IT department will like us. Guaranteed!